R.A.O.K. Quote of the Day

18 Apr

Working on ourselves is precisely what brings the prosperity, the health, the love and the success, in abundance.

Today, work on you, and the rest of your life will reap the rewards.

Quote ~ Yehuda Berg


R.A.O.K Quote of the Day

18 Mar

Cold hearts are openings for onslaughts of harmful, unproductive thoughts. When your heart is open and warm, you seal this crater.

Today, when destructive & obsessive thoughts invade, take your mind back by focusing on doing kind & giving actions.  This will move you forward.

~Yehuda Berg

Feels good to pay it forward!

16 Feb

Things have been quite tough lately as I was let go from my job in December, two weeks before Christmas actually, and I’m still currently looking for a permanent position/employment.  I have been filling my time with volunteer work for two local non-profits in addition to my job search and it has become very frustrating as of late, as I have never had to look for work, always having been highly recruited.  But I got an unexpected little nugget of joy/light today!

As some of you may know in addition to my food blog, I am also an artist (www.rachelleking.com) and I had the opportunity today to share some information with another artist, Amber Keller, about an exhibit taking place here in Austin that I thought she should be a part of.  I explained to her that I had the fortunate luck of studying for two years with an amazing artist Cheryl Kline, who was so incredibly gracious in sharing her knowledge, skill and experience.  And it was my turn to pay it forward.

Sharing our knowledge, wisdom, skill and experience is a random act of kindness.  I don’t believe that we should hold these things so tightly and not share them.  It is about creating a positive community, be it an artist community, a foodie community, a religious community, etc. . .  it is about sharing and paying it forward!

I am always surprised how random acts of kindness impact my mood. . . . To share this information with Amber gave me a ton of joy and in a time of struggle it was the little nugget of light I needed!  So thank you Amber for posting to my Facebook wall today! You made my day that much brighter!

R.A.O.K. Quote of the Day

11 Feb

Think about one person who has changed your life. What if he or she didn’t
return your call, hire you, love you, teach you, guide you? What if they
didn’t open that door for you?

Today, open that door for someone else.

~Yehuda Berg

R.A.O.K Quote of the Day

9 Feb

Inspiring others towards happiness brings you happiness. Plain and simple.

The more you help others find their joy today, the more you’re insured to experience a life worth living.

~Yehuda Berg

R.A.O.K. Quote of the Day

2 Feb

“Sometimes when we are generous in small, barely detectable ways it can change someone else’s life forever.”

Margaret Cho (b.1968); comedian,actress

Random Acts of Kindess Foundation

26 Jan

I love that Random Acts of Kindness Foundation exists and is there to “inspire people to practice kindness and pass it on to others!”

Check out their website and see how you can get involved:

  • Share your stories and experiences
  • Share your kindness ideas
  • Comment on blogs and stories
  • Get our Kind Times newsletter
  • Log in with your Facebook account
  • Personalize your profile
  • Join or create groups
  • Network with other members

Check out the stories, get ideas on “Random Acts of Kindness” or just enjoy browsing the website.